Lonnie R. Mathews traveled a long and difficult road to realize his passion in life, and that has made all the difference. Armed with degrees in finance and accounting Lonnie has worked as a financial analyst and planner but struggled with his own personal finances. Finally, one night as he and his wife searched for a way to make the mortgage payment, Lonnie had a God-inspired revelation that showed him the way out of his money crises, and set the stage for a new life of helping others become masters of their own financial destinies.
Growing up in a single-parent home in Birmingham, Alabama, Lonnie quickly saw there was no substitute for an education. He finished high school and joined the United States Marine Corps, serving eight years with stints of duty in both Desert Shield and Desert Storm. After he was discharged, he enrolled in the University of Alabama and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance, and later earned a master’s degree in accounting at Strayer University. With persistence and determination, Lonnie continues a process of self-education that has distinguished him as an authority on personal finance and the process of getting out of debt.


Lonnie Mathews is now recognized as an exciting and inspirational speaker. Being in debt most of his adult life, Lonnie and his wife quickly realized that this was not the plan for their finances. After much prayer and seeking God in their finances, Lonnie and his wife took the necessary steps to become debt free. Because of his newfound freedom, Lonnie published his first of many books on personal financial freedom and financial peace, titled Beating Debt & Building Wealth, a financial guide for Christians. Lonnie has recently published his second book titled Spend Everything, An inspirational guide to money management. As a premier keynote speaker, Lonnie now travels the country delivering his powerful and life changing messages.


In 2002, Lonnie co-founded Alliance Financial Ministries, a non-profit financial literacy company. The goal of this company is to provide individuals with the education and tools necessary to make sound financial decisions. Alliance Financial provides seminars, motivational tapes, motivational materials, and workshops nationally.