“Studies show that 8 out of 10 Americans live from paycheck-to-paycheck. The reality is most if not all of those 8 out of 10 Americans DO NOT budget. Most people want to do better financially, however the biggest problem individuals’ face is understanding what it takes to have a better financial life and executing a plan to make it happen.”Type your paragraph here.

What is Financial Coaching?

First let’s start by stating what financial coaching ISN’T. Hiring a financial coach is not an opportunity to dump all of your financial problems on someone else for a quick fix. It’s also not for person who isn’t willing to do the work required to change their financial situation. Lastly, a financial coach is not someone that sells third-party products such as insurance or investments.

When you hire a financial coach you are deciding to work with a personal financial expert that will help you get a clear picture of your current financial situation. When you work with a financial coach you should expect someone that will empower you to:

  • Create clear and concrete financial goals
  • Develop a plan to achieve those goals
  • Make suggestions about changes that need to be made
  • Hold you accountable to your plans

Who is Financial Coaching for?

The ideal candidate for financial coaching is someone that makes a decent income but aren’t where they want or need to be financially. Financial coaching is for that person(s) that realizes their financial situation isn’t in the place it should be, someone that needs an expert to walk alongside them to help navigate their financial lives in certain areas.

What to expect from Financial Coaching?

When you hire a financial coach you should expect that there will be work involved. Engaging a coach will require you to gather financial data, and force you to look at your current habits regarding how you handle money. A financial coach will provide suggestions that will have an immediate impact on your financial situation.

While financial coaching isn’t for everyone, it is designed for person that has reached their breaking point and are “sick and tired or being sick and tired” of their financial situation. The ideal candidate is someone that doesn’t have the time or are just not interested in researching financial topics but are willing to make the changes necessary to get a better financial life.  Hiring a financial coach will provide someone to come alongside and walk you through the process of accelerating your financial success.

What’s the next step?

The first step is to understand that you can do better with your finances to get where you want to be. Next contact Lonnie to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation about your situation. Fill out the form below for your appointment and change your life.