Success Choices

When it comes to building true wealth, successful people made the choice to be successful and you can too. This empowering message will prepare individuals for their moment of financial success. This speech prompts the audience to look at their lives at a deeper level by exploring their past to find out why they are not where they want to be financially. Remember, “With every choice we make we are either moving closer to success or further away from it”

 Am I doing all that I can to SUCCEED!

Are you where you want to be financially? When asked most people say they aren’t, your life will change when you change, to truly change your life you have to become a different person. Your financial success or failure today is the result of the financial decisions you made in the past and the habits that you have developed thus far. This speech asks the audience to explore the connection between their current habits and their financial success or failure. Type your paragraph here.

Life’s too short to be BROKE!

This empowering session allows attendees take an in-depth look at the principles that are designed to change their financial outlook. This presentation helps participants learn how to stop living form paycheck - to – paycheck and get on the road to financial freedom by discovering where they are financially, where they want to be financially and how to get there.

 Back to the basics

Back to the basics helps attendees discover how to win financially no matter the state of the economy. By following the five basic principles outlined in this presentation, any individual can achieve financial freedom. While these principles may seem simple at best, if practiced regularly financial freedom can be achieved.

Lonnie’s financial presentations are ideal for all audiences, his style allows those who hear him speak to have a memorable experience and change their mind set about money.Type your paragraph here.

Lonnie Mathews Motivational Speaker


Put your money where your values are

During this presentation, the audience is asked to take their financial lives to a deeper level by exploring their financial past and what they value you most in life. By discovering why you are where you financially and directing the money to the things you value most, a sense of financial peace will be achieved.
What is a credit score and why should I care!

This informative workshop on monitoring and correcting your credit rating will provide attendees the necessary steps to getting their credit files; explain how to read their credit report and the process to correcting inaccuracies.Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.