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Beating Debt & Building Wealth - A Financial Guide for Christians

My Now for the Future MAN!

This book is intended to encourage young men to understand that “becoming a man” is more than a birthday milestone, but also includes being accountable for personal actions and responsible in their families and communities. This book offers guidance on developing “manly” traits such as courage, honesty, perseverance, confidence and fiscal responsibility. Topics may include education, career, relationships, spirituality, finance, family, and more.

Beating Debt & Building Wealth is a financial guide designed by Christians for Christians, who want to live a debt free, stress free lifestyle. This thought-provoking guide will help empower Christians to take charge of their finances and STOP making excuses. This guide talks about finances in general, and what the Bible says about debt.After reading this guide you learn a linear mathematical approach to eliminating all your debts and explore the Biblical teachings on prosperous living. This guide will also provide the reader with a biblically based philosophy of money management. You will learn how to get out and stay out of debt, develop and live within a budget and how to be a financial blessing to the Kingdom of God Being in debt most of his adult life

The lessons in this book are designed to take you on a journey to building wealth. Your quality of life a few years from now could very well be determined by what you do with the information found in this easy to read and well planned guide. The book is broken up into two parts; part one is called the “mind set” this part of the book is designed to get you to change your paradigm about money. The second part of this book will address key areas of personal finance that everyone needs to develop healthy habits in. 

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My Vision, My Plan MY NOW

Over the years I have had the opportunity to pen my thoughts and experiences on paper. Weather it was a article for media, for my personal blog or from the books I have authored or co-authored. It is my desire and hope that these words were useful and more importantly helpful in you getting where you want to be financially. Everything was written from the HEART!

Are You where you want to be FINANCIALLY?

Everything you do for YOUR future starts with YOUR now. First, you have to see it. Next, you have to plan it. Then, you have to live it—NOW. Visualizing and planning may just be the easy part. The hard part is taking the action.

This book is a collaborative effort of dynamic authors, speakers and trainers from across the country to provide you with the motivation you need to take the action you want. It is filled with stories, tips and techniques that will inspire you to embrace your vision, finalize your plan, and seize this moment, NOW.

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